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To help organizations "reduce the gap" between performance (what is actually happening) and expectation (what needs to occur to enhance ROI).  We conduct a "Gap Analysis" to learn what's causing this difference between actual and desired performance. 

Is the need to focus on Business strategies?  People strategies?  Processes?  Or do you simply need outside perspective on enhancing ROI?

With our integrated assess & advocate approach, we help client organizations:

  • Enhance performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve profitability & competitive position
  • Deal with external dynamics
  • Enhance all stakeholders value
Working in harmony with a network of strategic partners, WTC Performance Group brings experienced perspectives on how to reach your organization's goals.  As a result of all of our many years of varied industry experience 1.) We know the questions to ask, 2.) The insights to provide and 3.) The solutions to suggest.


After a successful career in banking, in 1991 Mary White founded the company to provide employee training and organizational development.  In 2000 the company was enhanced by the addition of Jerry White. With his knowledge & experience in both domestic and global markets, Jerry brought his background in strategic planning, manufacturing management, business development as well as sales and marketing management to extend the scope of services provided. 

The WTC logo embodies the value we bring to the table. The four "sails" placed in opposition to one another represent actions, factions, or behaviors internal or external to an organization that prevent forward progress.

WTC Performance Group acts as a positive supporting influence to direct the underlying current of your business in one unifying direction. Like a pinwheel in the wind, your business develops the ability to progress toward greater success, smoothly and harmoniously with strategic intent.