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Whether you're trying to improve communication, enhance personal or team performance or become a better leader, this category of workshops uses self-assessments and other valuable resources from Inscape Publishing.  Inscape pioneered the original DiSC® learning instruments over 30 years ago and is a leading provider of instrument-based learning systems. 

The DiSC profile helps people understand their own behavior thru self-assessment.  Feedback reports, using non-judgmental language, explore performance across four primary dimensions:  Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. 

From our experience, we know Inscape products have the power to transform individuals, teams and organizations by helping them develop a deeper understanding of themselves, how they behave and how they are viewed by others.

Inscape's products are extensively researched and time-tested to enhance credibility and usability.  These products are the basis for these workshops: 

  • Communication:  Using Your Behavioral Style To Enhance Personal & Professional Success
  • Team Performance:  Collaboration & Flexibility Strategies
  • Listening:  Using Your Listening Style to Enhance Performance
  • Exploring Personal Coping & Stress Behaviors 
  • Discovering Your Leadership Potential
  • Adventures in Attitude
  • Exploring & Understanding Your Responses to Diversity
  • Time Mastery:  Managing Time to Improve Work/Life Balance
  • Work Culture:  Increase Productivity & Reduce Turnover

idXready™ Training Programs

idXready™ programs are unique from other training programs!  They're ready-to-go half-day to full-day training sessions that maximize the classroom experience.  idXready™ training can be conducted by one of your staff or one of our professional facilitators. 

Quick & Easy ~ Everything is fully integrated

  • Fully scripted Leader's Guides
  • Participant pre-work
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Cutting-edge, engaging video embedded into PowerPoint presentations
  • Individualized participant workbooks
  • Contemporary content which improves classroom learning
  • Validated research-based assessments

These programs deliver ready-to-go training sessions that maximize the classroom experience:

  • Capitalizing on Team Talents
  • Collaborative Skills for Teams
  • DiSC Powered Selling
  • Frontline Management - Leveraging the Strength of Your Style
  • Improving Your Listening Skills
  • Conflict Management:  A DiSC-based Approach
  • idXready™ Team Talents Group Report

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