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Mary Anne Wihbey
Mary Anne Wihbey started Peak Performance Solutions in1994.   Mary Anne works with us to "move individuals to action" through her skills as a recognized sales and management consultant, trainer and contributor to professional publications. 

Before founding her company, Mary Anne spent 10 years in the insurance industry where she consistently achieved Million Dollar Round Table results. She was inducted into the Allianz ® Life of NA Hall of Fame.  She was the first woman selected to speak on the main platform at their Annual Leaders Convention.

Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert, owner of PE³ Consulting works with us on a variety of initiatives that include Exit Planning, Business Value Multiplication ™ and assisting our clients with Lean Manufacturing, ISO 9000, Process Improvement, Six Sigma Strategies, Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, Performance Excellence and Team Based Problem Solving. 

For the last 10 years Fred has been involved in the Quality Industry as a speaker at the Quest for Excellence Conference and as an examiner for the Baldrige Award and the TX Award for Performance Excellence.  Fred is also an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Quality Manager.


Tom Ferguson
Tom Ferguson, owner of Visible Applause, Inc., works with us through being a recognition architect®.  Tom believes, as we do, that there is a reservoir in the human heart that awaits confirmation of a person's significance.  By applauding that significance visually, organizations express gratitude to those who make their world and our world better. 

The mission of Visible Applause, Inc. aligns with our passionate belief in the power of acknowledging the forms of behavior your organization desires from its employees. Tom partners with nationally renowned artisans to create recognition strategies and programs that acknowledge and reinforce desired behaviors and all of us benefit as a result. 

Anita Hall & Bill Hall
Since 1980, Anita Hall and Bill Hall of The Creative Force Studio, Inc. have been using their combined talents to help organizations market themselves in ways that are creative and memorable.  Anita and Bill work with WTC and our clients to design everything from ad campaigns, promotional literature, and web sites to corporate logos and collateral materials. Within their portfolio are the WTC web site and logo design.

The breadth of their client experience provides an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration to all our clients.  Bill Hall is also internationally known for his competency as a digital artist, having been published in four "how-to" books on the subject of Photoshop and Painter. Bill Hall is also internationally known for his sports illustrations and his contemporary art.